A dedicated server is indicated for applications requiring a higher level of sophistication, customized control and security. A dedicated server is ideal for higher-performance hosting needs such as high traffic websites, custom server configuration, secure intranets, mobile app deployment and customized website software.


Specifically, Alpha Six Dedicated Web Server solutions addresses these web hosting issues:



A dedicated server permits the development team to set up their own websites, in their own configurations, with specific software or operating systems in an independent manner. Working in a completely isolated environment from other website developers means that on a Alpha Six dedicated server your applications and sites will be completely unaffected by any other sites in the data center.


Another major benefit of an isolated environment is in increased security. The chances of errant or malicious code from another developer affecting your applications is reduced to near zero. Our hosting environment is SAS 70 Type II Certified, meaning that independent auditors have thoroughly checked our processes and facilities to ensure rigorous adherence to the highest security standards.


Whether you begin with a single server, a firewalled database configuration, or a massive clustered server array, a Alpha Six dedicated server solution offers scalability to any size you can achieve. Our data center footprint permits fast additional server deployments and our data center is connected via multiple transit providers, all long haul gigabit Ethernet, meaning that you can scale up bandwidth to insane levels without missing a beat, or slowing page loads.


When you purchase an Alpha Six custom hosting solution, you're in complete control of the server environment. You get all the advantages of having your own custom hardware configuration with out the need to worry about connectvity, setup, or power issues.